Welcome to our English Kindergarten

Kay International Pre-School is a private English kindergarten which provides a caring and stimulating environment for children aged 2.5 to 6 years of all nationalities and language backgrounds.

In our small age-specific learning groups of a maximum of 10 children we aim to extend the children`s vision beyond their self-perceived limits. Moreover, being an international school, we aim to foster the children`s interest in other cultures and languages so as to strengthen their social and intercultural competence. Our curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum for the Foundation Stages which also includes Montessori pedagogy of autonomous learning. Regular workshops and joint planning ensure a lively exchange of ideas and brain-storming between our native-language teachers.

We offer more than just good care! We offer the best possible educational support to each individual child at an early age when children`s learning potential is at its highest. Come and visit us anytime to feel the loving and caring atmosphere in our kindergarten.

Phone or email us for an unbinding appointment: 0228-350 39 39 office@kay-international.de